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You will make others good in business but when comes from your own, you will have slight problems which need to be managed. You are a person with straight forward nature. You will have reservations in every aspect of life. You will be choosy in friendship and you will have long term friends generally. You will be sincere to everyone as long as they are sincere. You will not talk much but every talk of yours will carry value with quality in communication. You are strongly individualistic and hence you will have a mark in life.

In health it is the problem with stomach disorders and stomach related malfunction could trouble you. In family life, you will be very adaptable and you will have a very good life.

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On the financial side, you are a good economist. You will save more inspite of your huge commitments. That is your speciality. You will acquire properties on your own and lead a considerably good life. In career, you will stick on to the job sincerely and you will think on a longer platform for growth.

You are a person with more love and affection. You will lead a life with many genuine friends and that will be your basic strength. You are a deep thinker, analyse the various aspects of life and since your thought process takes more time, your action part will be limited, but it will be firm. You will have a very good personal life and if there are any problems, remedies may are required. Generally, you will not have any major health problems, but over the years, as you become old, you may have few surgeries or operation which could be avoided by regular habits in early life.

Financially, you know how to make money. You will make more financial gains in life than others but still as you love nature, beauty and related things, you will also spend more. You will have a beautiful life partner and he or she could dominate you, only for the welfare of your family, and I believe nothing wrong in it, you could adjust and be flexible. With career, yours will have more travel or with consultancy like auditing, accounts and with any sort of facilitating works in art, construction, jewellery and in Software.

But you may have fluctuations in career also which could be solved easily by remedial measures. You are calm and a conservative person. You love everything beautiful and you talk less with powerful communication. You have the habit of taking decisions in a confused way and often get into things in complication. You are good for giving solution to others, but when it comes on your own life, you will miss your perfect decision and hence you need to take your well wishers directions, mostly your life partner.

You will be selective in choosing friends and once started believing, there is no full stop for it. In health, you may have problems connected to digestion and heat related troubles mainly. Proper food habits are necessary.


On the financial side, mostly you will spend less for you and more for your family and then friends. You will have a slow and steady earnings and will elevate to higher positions in life periodically. On the personal side, you will have a caring life partner, but at times, your partner may become restless as you are little bit slow in actions when compared to your life partner.

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What to do? World is like that. But in your life, major changes will happen only from the time of your marriage. In career, you could be in Finance, marketing, consumer industry and anything in terms of consultancy, liaisons etc and you will be successful in it. You can be successful in developing ideas, strategies, foreign relations etc..

You are an extrovert and want to achieve everything in the shortest possible time. You have the capacity to make others work for you. You will always have higher ambitions in life and most of your lagna people will accomplish. If there are any hindrances, it could be because of the influence of other planets, your dasa which could be avoided by expert consultation.

You will not have any health hazards mainly. Your mind is the one which controls your body and you need to have a calm mind which you may not have. Financially, you will be filled with money mostly and you will have your own assets and amass huge wealth by your efficiency and smart work. On the personal side, you may face problems from your life partner quite often for which patience is vey important to you. Your career could be mostly with construction, architect, Government, related works or in foreign lands. In whichever field you are, you will have considerable growth than others.

You are a bold person, dominating and strongly individualistic thinking and action. You will always strive towards perfection and often expect the same from your people where you will have problems. You are an expert solution provider and basically you will have knowledge in various aspects of life.

In terms of your health, minor gas related troubles might come and in your later ages you need to check to avoid diabetes and chronic disease. If your Jupiter is strong, you will not have major health troubles. You will have a good life but frequent quarrels will come and go in your family life. Not necessary to take it seriously.

Financially, you will keep growing but still, you will not have a strong control on it. If your income grows additionally, your commitment grows in multiplication. Hence, you will always have tensions which could be sorted out fully, if we analyze your birth chart. In career, you are extremely devoted and sincere.

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You are a person with strong goals and motives in your profession and you will always have reputation. But, sticking on in one organization for so many years is not possible to you mostly, the reason being you always like to see various situations and earn knowledge. You are a person with strong will power and you have the ability to achieve whatever you wanted in your life. You are not a deep thinker, but you will think based on the works which have come to you.

You are little bit lethargic also. In health, you will have problems related to cold and wind. Take care of it.

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Since you are highly affectionate, you are life will be a one with full happiness in your family. But you will have the possibility of extra marital affairs which you should avoid problems in family. You will have a steady growth in life and you will acquire everything to be a good householder. Upachaya - 3, 6 10, 11 they are increasing houses. Planets in them give more over time. Mars and Saturn do well here, give power to overcome obstacles.

Malefics do well in the 11th. Apachaya - 1,2,4,7,8 houses of decrease. They lose their strength through time. Malefics do not do well In them, particularly the 8th. Dusthanas - difficult houses.

Benifics good for intelligence, but disease. Rahu good for spirituality. Mars can cause death or harm. Saturn long life sans prosperity. Venus for prosperity.

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Ketu for spiritual capacity. Rahu nervous system disorders. Planets near the midheaven in houses 9,10 and 11 represent how we affect the world in terms of our values 9th , actions 10th , and goals 11th. Opposite in houses 3,4 and 5 are our vital energy 3 , emotional state 4 , and intelligence 5th. Hence, the Lagna suggests 12 zodiac-house combinations at once.

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Each sign will colour the house it is in, just like the Lagna colours the life. Their lesser significance doesn't prevent them from contributing to the overall trends in the Kundli with a Lagna, although admitted, the 11 houses are not as significant as the first. Which Country do you live in? Contact Us. Horoscope Compatibility. Astrology on Phone. About Us.